A Lifetime Honor

Good day and welcome to the Delegate’s Corner of our web site. My name is Jeff and I’m an alcoholic. I have the true honor of serving as Area 93’s panel 69 Delegate.

It is bitter sweet, typing this message which will be my last. My term as Delegate will end on midnight 12/31. I have made it a rule to post a new message here every quarter for the last 2 years. I now post this message, and pass the torch to whomever will be Area 93’s panel 71 Delegate. We’ll find out on 11/15.

This year continues to baffle me. When I think I have it figured out there’s another surprise around the next bend. Life can be like that…not just this year. Maybe that’s part of what our experience in 2020 can teach us. I have certainly learned to always keep learning.

So our final panel 69 Assembly will be November 14th. It will be followed by, as I mentioned earlier, our elections the following day. Remarkable to think of 2 years passing. I certainly remember the last election. It will be fascinating to view this election from a slightly different perspective. I have been an area officer for the last 8 years. It’s time to move on. It is the A.A. way; rotating leadership is the best, and although it may seem 8 years is not the best example of “rotating leadership”, in my opinion being an area officer is not something you best serve at for just a single panel. It is typically best for the area, A.A., and the officers themselves to server for a few panels in several positions and get used to what it takes. This is not the rule, but it has been my experience.

I look forward to seeing our new panel of officers. I hope I may be given the opportunity to pass along my experience and knowledge to them as our past Delegates have so beautifully done for me.

Don’t forget to check out the rest the Delegate’s corner for complete results of the General Service Conference, and if 11/15 has not passed yet…if you are an area 93 A.A. member, please go to the main page and pre-register to be part of our election and help choose our next panel of officers.

Farewell, and thank you for this amazing experience.

With love in service –

Jeff G.
Area 93, Panel 69 Delegate