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GSO News

Learn the latest news revolving around Area 93 and New York’s General Service Office. This is a local archive only, please go to AA.org’s news and announcements page for additional details.

08/08/2023Soft Cover Velvet Big Books
04/01/2023First QTR 2023
08/29/2022Proposed items for the Agenda of 2023 General Service Conference
2022 Trustee Report – July
AA Grapevine/La Vina Announces Price Increase on Books & Other related items
08/18/2022Suggestions for the Conference theme, presentations and workshop topics
08/17/2022Call for Stories – “AA for the Older Alcoholic – Never too Late”
08/2/2022Member Engagement Survey – 2025 International Conventionclosedclosed
07/19/2022Pacific Regional Forum Flyer
Timeline for the 72nd GSC Final Report 2022
07/6/2022LGBTQ+ individuals find help and hope in Alcoholics Anonymous. Members share their stories.
04/12/2022Quarterly Report from G.S.O. (January 2022)
04/8/2022About A.A. (Spring 2022)
Add Your Story! – “Fifth Edition of the Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous” – deadline October 13, 2022
04/6/2022Add Your Story! – “Fourth Edition of the Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous” – deadline December 15, 2022
04/4/2022AA Public Service Announcements
03/30/2022GSO Mixed Title Quantity Discount Test Pilot
03/29/2022Call for Stories – “A.A. for the Black and African-American Alcoholic” pamphlet
03/21/2022Request for Shared Experience Inside Sponsorship
03/8/2022Armed Forces Members Interview Project
02/4/2022Announcement GSO Staff Opening
01/14/2022Free shipping during the month of February 2022 on all products from The Grapevine
01/11/2022Quarterly Report from G.S.O. – November 2021
01/6/2022Update on Big Book hardcover printing delays